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This is a role-play site where the role-players create one character that represents them. Then, they can live out a second life in a dangerous, exciting fantasy world.

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1 How to use this forum on Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:23 pm

Basically, here is how it works:
You create a character. This is your character for life. As long as that character is alive, they are your only character. If you choose to allow them to die, then, and only then, may you create someone new to represent you. Because they are you. You can make them any species, give them any abilities (but obviously, avoid OP characters or power-playing. For example, no messing with time!), give them any age or standing, but the difference between them and an OC is that you are playing as yourself. Make sure to let down your pride a bit for this part--it honestly reflects worse on you if you make your character flawless and invincible then if you allow them to have flaws and have them not always succeed.
Then, there are OCs. These are original characters that you create from the ground up. You can theoretically do anything with them, but the same no OP or power-playing rule still applies. Also, try not to have too many OCs. A couple well thought out characters is much preferable to a dozen that you didn't spend more then a couple minutes developing.
In your signature, give the name of your character and your OC(s), if you have any, and provide a brief description of them. Honestly, you can choose to include, or not include, whatever information you want.
This world is basically Earth, with fewer restrictions. Meaning, you can create magical powers and species, hidden kingdoms and wars, or really almost anything you can think of! Also meaning that both modern cities and medieval kingdoms exist. Humans in this world know that magic exists, but just don't play much of a part in it. You are completely free to create a human character, just keep in mind that you will be restricted in a lot of basic ways.
Some suggestions on how to get started:
Aside from jumping into an existing thread, you can build your own plots. For example, start a thread with a magical combat school, in which you teach other role-players who walk across it (or receive a letter inviting them!) skills which their character can take with them and use later. You could create a village where people live, and perhaps once your village has some people living in it, start to rule over them in tyranny. Or even plan a time which you all arm yourselves and go to a different user's village thread and attack them! There are lots of threads like this you can build which basically invite other players to join, or even to start their character's story here. If you don't want to create something, or just don't know what to do, you can start a more open thread, for instance where your character is walking around alone in the middle of a forest. Then you let come what will, perhaps becoming allies with or even getting into a fight with another role-player who comes across your character.
The most important things to keep in mind are that your character cannot be in two places at once, and that it isn't a good idea to get too involved in a plot if you can't be very active.
Sometimes, I, the administrator, may create a plot. For example, a war, or a famine, or even something as simple as a change in weather. I might cruelly demand that 3 characters must die in a battle, and then, if not enough people volunteer, roll a dice to decide who. The most important thing is that you must listen to and obey what I tell you, as I control this world. If I make a choice, I have given it a lot of thought, and there is a reason behind it.
Now, get out there and role-play! Very Happy

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